Rim Bdiri is a distinctive name in the field of Property Development business and Consultancy in the UAE. With over 30 years of experience, she possesses proven track record and exceptional real estate knowledge. With over 15 years of her professional experience, she managed to conceptualize and expand property business as Vice President Business Development at DAMAC Properties - one of the market leaders in the region. This era signifies her expertise over lead conversion and passion for capital management. Her core strength lies in start-up operations, transformation and lead generation. Rock-solid work ethics, clear roadmap to success, and detailed market knowledge are Rim’s defining factors.

In 2020, Rim founded Winston Management Consultancy with an aim to help property development & real estate leaders turn critical and complex issues into opportunities for growth and long-term success. As a leader and Managing Director, she runs a team of best real estate geeks of the industry. She brings an unmatched potential with deep expertise across a wide spectrum of management capabilities.

Motivated and engaged, Rim loves to travel around the globe. She also has a passion for music and reading which she firmly believes, is vital for growth and to expand new horizons in one’s mind.

So if you are looking for a real estate confidante with knowledge, integrity and passion, who also should have a tireless success driven approach, you have come to the right place.


Rim has 15 years of diversified experience of working with one of the leading real estate company ‘DAMAC Properties’ in Dubai. During her tenure in DAMAC, Rim has impacted the growth of the company significantly. Being the valuable asset that she is, she has implemented new support function to increase sales evidently. She has played a vital role in the launch of DAMAC Agents Academy for Real estate agents, that too not just across UAE, but UK, Egypt, KSA and Jordan with Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA).

Rim has also developed Agents Relationship Management & Rewards Concept to optimize business opportunities, during her time at DAMAC Properties. It was a brilliant approach from her end which greatly improved sales in the UAE, Egypt and UK. She won the Best Real Estate Management Award from UK in 2009, for her unparalleled integrity combined with innovation and proven results.

Rim has also worked as a Liability Segment Manager in the HSBC Bank for over 8+ years, where she remarkably managed Liabilities Portfolio and HNWI Segment Proposition such way, that it enhanced the business growth and profitability on a large scale.


As a professional who has taken charge of diversified challenging positions throughout the career, Rim develops dynamic exposure that is worth years of knowledge and experience. This enables her to provide tailor-made solutions to the clients. Her comprehensive market analysis expands across GCC, Southeast Asia, UK, and large part of MENA region. Not only she enjoys regional diversity, she also has first-hand experience of managing different roles at top international Banks and Property Developers. Rim is known for her passion and keen involvement in properties start-up, business transformation, and high-ticket leads management.

-Why Rim?-

Rim stands out due to her visionary leadership. For anyone who is looking for scope in the UAE’s real estate horizon, having a cup of coffee with Rim and listening to her sincere directions can be a game changer. If you want your property development plans to be fool-proof and the execution to be flawless; you need a consultant and mentor, with 360 degree solution-oriented approach, like her. Rim has been part of the real estate industry journey in the UAE. Her peers and clients testify her ability to drive success, the market knowledge, work ethics, and consider her as one the best property consultants in the UAE.


“I had the pleasure to interact with Rim in many projects during my employment at DAMAC. She brings all her skills and abilities to the table as a leader. She is reliable and goal-oriented.”

Tarek Nizameddine (Senior Executive Director – Dubai Properties)

“She has an excellent work ethic, pays attention to detail and relates well to subordinates and peers. I highly recommend Rim”

Peter R. Riddoch (CEO – Riddoch)

“We worked closely on international initiatives and new project launches. She has a very detailed process understanding and ensures the right checks are in place to help build a stable system for the organisation.”

Paula Wehbeh Gambrell(Head Of Business Strategy – Ellington Properties Development LLC)

“Rim is the most experienced and best in the Middle East. Her attention to detail and ability to spearhead difficult/ challenging projects in her role in DAMAC Properties are her biggest strengths. She is always known as the Iron Lady and no project, task is impossible to her.”

Cherise Pereira Senior Management – EMAAR Properties PJSC

“Rim is charismatic individual who has flair and a wealth of knowledge. Rim implemented various strategies that assisted the core function of the Sales teams within DAMAC.”

Abdulhannan Bhika(Business Manager – Al Futtaim Group)

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